Pain Free

Professional Development

OK - We all know PD is necessary.
We might even be excited about the topic.
But too often it is:
* too long
* too detailed
* not relevant (to you)
* too expensive

So here is the solution. Really!
The courses are short - to the point - interesting.
It's going to be fun.

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Michelle Causton

Michelle Causton is an award winning teacher whose knowledge and lively personality make her an engaging instructor.

She has delivered webinars and seminars on a variety of topics - across Canada and the Caribbean.

Her presentations and online courses focus on what's important to know - or just really interesting.

Her personal mandate is to keep content as simple as possible, but no simpler.

Free Sample

Still not sure if this is for you? Enjoy this short video that will challenge you to think: "What would I do?"

Kind Words From Some Nice People

by Chantale C

Michelle has been a role model to me since the day that I first met her at a Canadore College orientation, nearly 20 years ago (a day which I recall vividly). I remember how impressed and honored I was to meet the former president of CGA Ontario. As a speaker she is captivating, as a teacher she can make any topic intriguing and as a woman she is a true inspiration. During our time together she was my professor and my mentor, she instilled in me a curiosity and passion for learning as well as a kind of grit and determination by challenging me and believing in me. She is the reason that I am a CPA CGA today and I’m very grateful to know her.

What People Say About "Smart People - Tough Choices"

  • June A.

    Really enjoyed the presentation style and the real life examples.

  • Ranka T.

    Amazing course. Nothing is black and white. Thank you for making me think.

  • Richard H.

    Well presented and insight full presentation that kept my attention to the very end.

  • Daniel V.

    I have listened to many presentations from all over the world, BUT never experienced such an excellent presentation. It was lively, informative, a perfect balance of wording and pictures and 100% successful in conveying the message of ethics.

  • Eric J.

    Excellent. Thought provoking. It makes you think about the hard decisions.

  • Lily J.

    This was the most interesting and well-articulated ethics course that I have ever had the pleasure to take! Thank you!